New Malden, Surrey

Malden Hill, renovated property, korendon construction uk, front garden

Korendon delivered building works to two properties over three phases, which included a two-storey extension and refurbishment to the existing building and a new build five-bed house within the grounds of the existing site.

The new-build property at Malden Hill is now a high end residential home sporting a new intelligent home management/security system with the latest technology backup installed.

The build was progressed with the appointed architect and involved extensive communication and liaison with the client throughout, to ensure that we realised their expectations and vision of this new build property.
The existing house was refurbished into a multiple use residency which adhered to HMO standards.
The property also had to meet high performance thresholds and low energy housing standards in line with the Code for Sustainable Homes assessment, requiring additional specification for H&S certification.

The private owner/developer said “Korendon have done a superb job of the refurbishment and extension. The new build is looking great, with the team keeping me fully informed at all times. I intend to use them again on another planned refurbishment project”.

Sector – Residential
Client – Private
Type  – New build and refurbishment
Length14 months

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